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STEM Connect

category: Brand Identity, Marketing

STEM Connect

STEM Connect approached us to develop a brand identity that appeals to a younger audience, interested or studying in Science, Technology & Mathematics, To do so, we had to step away from traditional branding and focus more on a modern, accessible approach. We approached the brand identity design with two requirements; it must be cutting edge, and it must stand out from the competition.

The branding and visual identity consisted of us producing a new logo, icon mark, typography, new graphic elements, and a bold new color palette. We needed to produce a system that could work on its own to create a stand out brand for them,
but also needed to sit next to their client brand logos with overpowering.

We created a powerful brand that puts STEM Connect firmly on the map, has clarity and professionalism


Visual Identity & Marketing Collateral

  • Skills

    Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe InPhotoshop

  • Client

    STEM Connect Africa