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Commercial Film

Commercial videos

Elevate your marketing strategy and grow your business with video.

Video is proven to build brand awareness, drive engagement, and generate sales. Our professional video production strategy can help you raise awareness of your product or brand across social media, educate your audience with engaging explainer animations and build trust through compelling customer testimonial videos.

Types of Video

  • Video Adverts
  • Product Video
  • About Us Video
  • Fundraising Video
  • Testimonial Video
  • Event Video
  • Explainer Video
  • Tutorial Video
  • Team Video

Our Video Production process

1. Pre-Production

This is where we map out the plan for your video. We’ll look at the business’s brief (brand tone and personality, and key messages) in great detail during this period and decide what is needed. we figure out what we’re going to produce, who we’re be producing for, (your target audience) what resources we’ll need to get the video made and how long the production period will be.

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2. Production

The production phase spans the actual filming of all the necessary footage. After mapping out the schedule, we spend this time capturing all the footage required to bring your brand or product story to life. at this stage, we have a reliable estimation of how long this phase will take. We ensure things run as close to that schedule as possible.

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3. Post Production

This is where we organize all elements into a coherent narrative, we taking your best takes and shots, stitch them together, cut everything down to fit the desired length, record voice over, coloring the video, and adding music and special effects. The final piece should convey the necessary brand and product messages while also telling an engaging story for your audience.

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